Polyphase Electrical India (P) Limited (PEIPL) is a J.P. Group Company. This esteemed group working in Indian business filed since 1985. PEIPL was established on the vision & mission for the development & deployment of cost effective Energy saving techniques suitable for Indian environment. Its help greener future of our world form global warming. This group Company working in the subsequent segments

  • Digital Energy Metering & Data Management Solutions,
  • Intelligent LED Lighting Solutions,
  • Solar Power Project Solutions,
  • Smart Home Automation Solutions
  • Energy saving consultancy
  • Energy saving technologies implementations.

PEIPL is an “ISO‐9001:2001” company established with vision to offer “End to End Solutions” to customer.

Our upcoming “OHSAS: 2010 certification” will ensures the implementation of solution with customer delight our “ISO 14001:2007” certifications to ensure the environment friendly solutions. All certifications Leads to develop from Concept Development, Research, Production with Indian & Internationally recommended quality control Norms according to country requirement. Our solution intended to greener technology which multiplies customer"s smiles to meet our mission.

The main objective of company is to provide an integrated platform for green energy solutions along with energy saving technology and its products. The aim of the group is to reduce power generation requirement of world and reduce the demand generation Gap. Our Group is supported by the globally experienced team of professionals with key expert in field of power & energy management. Our ethics based on humanity and customer"s delights.