Vision & Mission

PEIPL Vision:

To become best in the field of electrical energy solutions with time bound service provider; because PEIPL believe that we exist due to our customers, not ourselves.                         

PEIPL Mission:

We believe on the thought of Save Energy Save Environment; we deploy the best global technologies to achieve this phenomenal goal.                  

Chairman"s Message:

Today"s world is facing challenge on global warming and its effects on environmental vagaries. Power generation for needs increasing demand generation gap and discharging thermal emission. Also pollution is the playing significant role to growing it. Hence world has enforced to changed vision for developing green energy.

POLYPHASE is mission intended to provide pitch for energy saving techniques helping towards emission free green energy generation by utilization of renewal energy. Our PEIPL` s team is committed to delivery product and solution with tagline logo “POWER FOR PEOPLE”. Let"s join our “VISION” of energy saving along with clean and green energy generation for our better & greener tomorrow ….

Our Inspiration as group mentor is Shri R. P. Gupta and Smt. R. J. Gupta, Founder Member of Janki-Prakash Group (JP Group) our group Prakash Industries working in industrial business since 1975.

Thanking you
Warm Regards