Single Phase Meters








      Technical Info



► Residential complexes

► Commercial establishments

► Educational institutions

► Industries Campuses

► Temporary connections

► Power Generations & Transmission



      Befits of PEIPL`S Solutions:

► Wired or Wireless communication

► Bill verification and cost analysis

► Customized Energy audit and energy saving assessment

► Performance monitoring of energy‐conservation.

► System management and data analysis for future planning

► Product enabled to ensure best reliability of communication

► Power‐quality analysis and many more……

Consumers Befits:

► Energy Cost Containment and Improved Quality of Service

► Dynamic Rate Plans/Price Incentive, Visibility to Energy Consumption.

► Direct web based access for their power monitoring

Utilities Side Befits:

► Drive Automation ‐ Lower Operational Cost, Increase Efficiency.

► Greater Visibility and Control over the Installed Network.

► Deploy New Demand Response Programs

Benefits to Regulators and Government policy setters:

► Improved Customer Satisfaction, better Resource Planning, Increase transparency and Cost Commitment