Prepaid Web based Energy Management

PEIPL`S as group believes to provide information to consumer & power suppliers in fastest manner with various ways to ensure revenue on time, helping consumer with about consumption on real time basis. Most of the power distribution companies are facing major challenges in recovering electricity bills on time, and visa versa Consumer are not gettng actual information about his consumption pattern and justification of energy bills. Electrical Infrastructure equipped with smart, IT infrastructure creates together smart prepaid / postpaid energy metering system. It"s also providing information inside the home to consumer thru home Energy Monitoring & Control unit. PEIPL`S has developed a unique Detachable, Keypad based / Contactless Prepaid Energy Meter with Wired / Wireless Home display unit which acts as a direct revenue interface between power distribution companies and the consumers











  • Gated Residential Society 
  • Shopping Malls
  • Commercial Complexes 
  • Govt. Residential




Consumers Befits:

  • Energy Cost Containment and Improved Quality of Service
  • Dynamic Rate Plans/Price Incentive, Visibility to Energy uses.
  • Direct web based access for their power monitoring

Utilities Side Befits:

  • Derive Automation ‐ Lower Operational Cost, Increase Efficiency.
  • Greater Visibility and Control over the Installed Network.
  • Deploy New Demand Response Programs
  • Benefits to Regulators and policy setters
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction, Resource Planning, better transparency & Cost Etc