Energy Management Solutions


    PEIPL offer various type of “Energy Management solutions” supported with multiple channel communication technologies. Our solutions are suitable for each of them application helps to energy saving, “Energy Meters are essentials because its acts as “Ears & Eyes“of electrical system for health monitoring”. Its react electrical expression like face.







  • Postpaid energy meters with data storage facility with ON demand or off line data downloading (PEMS)
  • Automatic Energy Meter Reading and Remote data monitoring solutions (AMR)
  • Dual Source / Quad Source Energy Metering its and data management system (DMS/QMS)
  • Prepaid Smart Energy Metering solutions (SEMS)
  • On Line Energy Metering system (EMS)
  • HT / LT Energy Metering solutions (HLTMS)
  • Power Quality and Harmonics Analysis solutions (PQHAS)
  • Prepaid / Post Paid Gas & Water Metering Solutions (PGWS)
  • Automatic Street Lighting Monitoring & Control Solutions (ASLMC)
  • Home Automation and remote home monitoring solutions (HARMS)
  • Transformer efficiency and Life management system (TELM)
  • Demand control Management Solutions by demand controller (MDC)
  • Home power demand management solutions (HPDM)
  • Energy Conservation Monitoring and Management and software’s (ECMS)
  • Onsite energy calibration Meters & certification solution
  • Energy Audit with Energy Conservation recommendation
  • Automatic Mass sensing based traffic lighting solutions (AMSTLS)



1. Residential complexes

2. Commercial establishments

3. Educational institutions

4. Industries Campuses
5. Temporary connections

6. Power Generations

7. Transmission

 8. Highways




Benefits of PEIPL` S Solutions:

◊ Wired or Wireless communication
◊ Bill verification and cost analysis
◊ Customized Energy audit and energy saving assessment
◊ Performance monitoring of energy‐conservation
◊ System management and data analysis for future planning
◊ Product enabled to ensure best reliability of communication
◊ Power‐quality analysis and many more……

Consumers Befits:

◊ Energy Cost Containment and Improvement in Quality of Service
◊ Dynamic Rate Plans/Price Incentive, Visibility to Energy Consumption
◊Direct web based access for their power monitoring
◊ Power consumption control in consumer’s hand

Utilities Side Befits:

◊ Drive Automation ‐ Lower Operational Cost, Increase Efficiency
◊ Greater Visibility and Control over the Installed Network
◊ Deploy New Demand Response Programs

Benefits to Regulators and Government policy setters:

◊ Improved Customer Satisfaction, better Resource Planning, Increase transparency and Cost Commitment towards traffic justification